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Special Message from LFT President Tamara Cupit

Dear Teachers and Support Staff,

I know you are heartbroken, disappointed, and feel let down. I feel the same way. Coming out of this loss we need to make sure that the actions we take now are strategic and cohesive. This afternoon I met with a core team of teachers who are eager to take collective action in the wake of this weekend’s election. We are continuing to work on a strategy to rebuild from this loss in a way that is constructive and collaborative. 

The Livingston School Board will discuss "Teachers concerns and opinions after failure of proposed Tax" at their meeting on Thursday. I will address the board, and I encourage you all to come to the meeting as well. If we want to make the best impression to our school board and the community at large, we need to do so as a solid front.

LFT has heard your issues through the surveys you have so graciously filled out. On Thursday, we want to present our collective concerns to the school board and superintendent. Please join me and show your support. The board meeting will start at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday at the School Board Office (13909 Florida Blvd.) I think it would be wise to wait on having any walk outs or further protest measures until after Thursday. I feel our actions would be more meaningful if we are united and strategic.

Following the school board meeting, I want to meet with all of you and get your input going forward. Please watch your email and text messages for a meeting date and place so that we can come together. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or text me at 225-270-3801 or email me at

If you have not been receiving our email alerts in the wake of the election, please sign up for LFT alerts at or text ‘Livingston’ to 69238.

Tamara Cupit, President
Livingston Federation of Teachers & School Employees

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